The Grind For Self Improvement!


You need to ride like the wind! You need to be fast. You need to roll over rocks, shoot up hills and smoothly descend near-vertical downhill sections. If you want the fame, money and prestige that comes with being a pro cyclist. then maybe you should start by riding your local trails without crashing.

Well, no matter what your end-game goals are, you have to start with the basics. Whether you mountain bike for fitness or just to enjoy the outdoors, having good bike-handling skills and trail confidence will make it a much better experience. We’ll get you started with these tips; the rest is up to you.

The more time that you spend on your bike, the better your skill level will rise. You can ride to the mailbox, to the store, to the coffee shop. This will help to reinforce your riding skills as you ride up and down curbs, dodge potholes and outpace angry chihuahuas. Once you can easily ride down two or three stairs, you can approach trail obstacles with a little more confidence. You should also spend time researching how to find the perfect mountain bike trail

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You can read about cycling as much as you want, but nothing replaces saddle time. So with that in mind, put this down, gear up and get out and ride. I’ll see you on the trail.